Carbon Quotient


The Carbon Quotient issue describes a situation where nations and communities live within the ecological limits of the planet, respecting the Earth’s regenerative capacity. The Carbon Quotient issue is strongly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13.

The GAPFRAME uses the carbon quotient indicator derived from the “National Footprint Accounts (2016) data for ecological footprint and biocapacity”. The indicator measures a country’s carbon footprint versus the net remaining global biocapacity. The remaining global capacity is calculated by subtracting the ecological footprint (consisting of the footprints from agriculture, grazing, forestry, fishing, and built land) from the total available biocapacity globally. The indicator provides a comparable basis of the CO2 expenditures of countries (download visual presentation of the carbon quotient indicator).

Map Carbon Quotient Placeholder
Map Carbon Quotient