Land & forests


The Land & Forests issue draws a picture of balanced and thriving terrestrial ecosystems such as forests, land and mountains that provide vital habitats for all kind of species. The responsibly managed land is fertile and free of hazardous chemicals, able to sustain high-quality agricultural plant growth in order to meet society’s demand for food. The Land & Forests issue relates to the Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 15.

As proxies to measure the state of this issue, the GAPFRAME includes the following three publicly available indicators: soil quality (EPI, 2014) that refers to the use of persistent organic pollutants, organic farming (SSI, 2014) measured as a fraction of total agricultural area, and land degradation (UNEP, 2010) that estimates areas with potential hazard of land desertification as a fraction of the total area.

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Map Land & Forests