Peace & Cooperation


The Peace & Cooperation issue describes a situation where nations and communities attain a sustained level of peace, security, and prosperity, including also interregional solidarity and cooperation.  Each nation and every citizen has a voice and is heard. The Peace & Cooperation issue relates to aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals 10, 16 and 17.

The GAPFRAME uses four indicators that best serve as currently available proxies for this issue: share of voice – freedom of assembly (SPI, 2015) representing the extent to which freedoms of assembly and association are subject to actual governmental limitations or restrictions; freedom of movement (SPI, 2015) is calculated as a sum of two variables: citizen’s freedom to leave and return to their country and citizen’s freedom to travel within their own country; strength of legal rights (World Bank, 2010-2015) measuring the degree to which collateral and bankruptcy laws protect the rights of borrowers and lenders and thus facilitate lending; and terrorism (GTI, 2015) monitoring the total number of terrorist incidents and their impact (i.e., caused injuries or fatalities). There are currently missing proxies that would allow measuring interstate conflicts and migration, which will be included in the GAPFRAME as soon as such global indicators become available.

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Map Peace & Cooperation