Sustainable Consumption


The Sustainable Consumption issue seeks to describe a situation where people and communities consume materials, products and services in a way that have minimal impact on the environment – respecting the planetary boundaries. Conscious consumption results from sustainable lifestyle adopted by societies that purchase, consume, and reuse goods and commodities with respect to the environment. The Sustainable Consumption issue relates to several aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals 11 and 12.

As proxies to measure the state of the Sustainable Consumption issue, the GAPFRAME includes the following two publicly available indicators: carbon consumption (Peters, 2011) that represents national carbon production and transfers, and energy savings (SSI, 2014) that monitors progress in the energy use reduction plans and activities. These proxies will in future be complemented with adjacent aspects, such as the individual meat consumption, for which there is no global index available yet.

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Map Sustainable Consumption